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Looking for motivational and entertaining presentations, workshops and professional development seminars, delivered by a real person, for the teachers, students and parents at your school, the employees at your company or the members of your organization?

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Motivational speaker Ronit Baras has been delivering powerful messages of happiness, personal development and leadership in an engaging style to worldwide audiences for many years.

Find the seminar or workshop that’s right for you on the Motivational Presentations menu or choose an area below. If what you want is not listed, that’s OK. Just send an inquiry with your event details and we will tailor a great experience especially for you.

Cultural Awareness & Diversity

Diverse crowdWorkshops, seminars and presentations about acceptance, culture, immigration, multilingualism, multiculturalism and social justice.

Suitable for primary and high school students, professional development for teachers and  any organization or workplace with people from different backgrounds.

Communication & Relationships

Young familySimple, accessible and practical workshops and presentations about communication, relationships, teamwork, love, friendship, parenting and just how to get along with others.

Suitable for school parents, as professional development for teachers and for any organization dealing with child welfare or with helping parents.